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The concept design for a mixed-use complex adjacent to AFI Bucharest Mall encompasses an expansive area of 45,000 square meters. Situated in the 6th district of the city, this complex serves as a new gateway for offices and the shopping center. The IMAX building, specifically designed for this project, acts as the missing link, connecting and enhancing the overall appeal of the largest business and shopping complex in Romania.

The design aims to create a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. The complex offers a diverse range of uses, including office spaces, retail outlets, and recreational areas. The architecture and layout are carefully crafted to facilitate seamless transitions between different areas, while maintaining a cohesive visual identity.

The IMAX building serves as a focal point within the complex, providing a unique and immersive cinematic experience. Its design aligns with the overall concept of the complex, enhancing its architectural character and adding to its prominence.

Located in the 6th district of Bucharest, the complex offers strategic advantages, attracting businesses and visitors alike. It establishes a new portal that revitalizes the surrounding area and contributes to the economic growth and vibrancy of the city.

Overall, the concept design for this mixed-use complex adjacent to AFI Bucharest Mall envisions a dynamic and engaging space that caters to the needs of both businesses and shoppers. Its integration with the IMAX building adds a distinct feature, completing the vision of a comprehensive and captivating destination.

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